October 22, 2019

Portugal’s prime minister speaks on rape allegations leveled against Cristiano Ronaldo

The prime minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, has come to the defense of Juventus forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, who is being accused of raping a model in Las Vegas penthouse, few years ago.

He described the award winning player as an extraordinary sportsman. He further pointed out that Ronaldo is yet to be found guilty of any crimes.

                                              Ronaldo and Portugal prime minister

“People need to understand one and for all that there’s one thing, that is presumption of innocence. It is not enough for someone to be accused of something to be guilty of it.” He said

“If there’s something we have proof of is that he is an extraordinary professional, an extraordinary sportsman, an extraordinary footballer, and someone who has honored and given prestige to Portugal, and certainly what we all wish for is that nothing can ever stain that record of Ronaldo.” He added.

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