November 15, 2019

EX Generations actor Gaddafi ‘Vuyo Dabula’ got fired for refusing to kiss female actresses

It had been revealed that Vuyo Dabula, who played Gadiffi on Generations – The Legacy, was actually fired for refusing to kiss female actress According to a press statement released by Generations’ production team, Vuyo asked to be released from his contract so that he can pursue other projects.
“This is the place where I blew up and I think now is the right time to move on and do other things with the exposure the show has given me. Generations:The Legacy has allowed me to take my acting craft to newer and better levels and I plan to take that into future characters I’ll be playing, ” Vuyo explained.

A source close to Gadaffi told us that the actor was actually fired for not complying with rules and job specification were you are required to kiss a female actress.

The news has been receieved with shock from fans and viewers – Generations it is no longer the same without Gadaffi!

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